I am a 22 year-old college graduate from Westchester, New York, but that’s not where I live now. I have a lot of interests, including math, science, spirituality, art, music, culture, stories, comedy, and more. But not necessarily in that order. I studied engineering in college, but that is not one of my interests.

I’d say that this blog is mostly for myself, but I’d be partially lying. It’s probably 50-50 between myself and wanting followers. Or maybe 20-80. I want to share my ideas with the world, but not force them upon it. That’s how you end up a dictator. That being said, I’m proud of what I’ve put on here, so I hope someone besides me can find it helpful.

So, unknown reader, please explore to your heart’s desire. If you’d like to comment, please be respectful, and if you can, funny.


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